Bridges Out of Poverty

Bringing people together across class lines creates energy for change.  Change takes place at the individual, organizational, and community levels.  Once people form relationships of mutual  respect, they are much less likely to abandon each other.  Organizations that utilize the Bridges models are accountable to their customers.  Communities that utilize the Bridges model are committed to building social capital and prosperous, healthy communities for all.

At the Community level:

At the community level, organizations will be challenged to rethink the design of their programs, collaboratives will smooth the pathway for people who use their services, and communities will protect its members from predators.  The business sector will be challenged to improve retention rates and move employees to better-paying jobs.  The whole community will be encouraged to become engaged in ending poverty.

Bridges engages organizations in trainings where community members attend Bridges workshops where they:

  • Develop mental models of the environments of poverty, middle              class, and wealth
  • Examine the causes of poverty
  • Begin to understand how the differing environments can produce different hidden rules of class
  • Define resources that are necessary for a high quality of life and explore community action and policies that can enhance resources
  • Explore how the information can be used to create relationships between and among classes so that all can participate in solving problems at the community and systemic levels

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